Nutella Magic Shell

You may not recognize it by name, but chances are you’ve tasted a magic shell before. If you’ve ever had a Klondike Bar, or a dipped soft serve ice cream cone, then you’re familiar with the solid chocolate coating that is magic shell. But did you know that it’s made from only TWO ingredients and takes about 30 seconds to make at home? Well it does. I wouldn’t lie. Here’s how it’s done…









In this version, I used Nutella in place of chocolate.  You’ll need one 13 oz. jar Nutella and 3 tablespoons of  Coconut Oil. You can find Coconut Oil at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, and even Walmart.

Place the 2 ingredients into a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or until melted. Give it a stir and transfer it to a sealed container or jar with a tight fitting lid. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. It can sit out for about 3 weeks.

Now for the magic! Pour it over cold ice cream, wait a few seconds and watch it harden. Mmm…..

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  1. Debbie greene says:

    Love this recipe…what could be easier and delicious?

  2. Jarome says:

    Easy to prepare recipe and looks tasty. Love it! :)

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